DTN Releases Latest Version of DTN Fuel Admin with Enhanced Supplier Invoices

The latest version of DTN Fuel Admin features enhanced capabilities when receiving supplier invoices. The back-office solution will now match details from the bill of lading to the supplier invoice, allowing for automatic payment – effectively cross-checking and validating invoices without human intervention.

As a leader in downstream automation, DTN is continuously working to further automate solutions. The updates to DTN Fuel Admin bring a host of benefits through its abbreviated workflow and flexibility.

Simplified Workflow
Invoice enhancements offer automated billing and effortless workflow for back-office accounting systems. Customers now can address the highest priority invoices, while reaping the benefits of decreased man hours previously spent managing the books.

With DTN Fuel Admin, users can now:

  • Cross-check and validate most invoices without employee interaction
  • Be alerted only when a discrepancy requires their attention
  • Take advantage of terms for faster payment
  • Retrieve invoices from a convenient repository, an exclusive feature to DTN Fuel Admin

By streamlining supplier, terminal and product names, DTN Fuel Admin eliminates the need for translation when cross referencing BOLs and supplier invoices exported into the back-office.

With DTN Fuel Admin’s enhanced supplier invoices, users can cut down man hours, pay suppliers faster and take advantage of discounts – all while better managing their cash flow with up-to-date, improved information.

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