DTN TABS Planned Movements Improves Product Accuracy and Streamlines BOL Reconciliation Process

DTN, a leading information services company, announced today the launch of its newest enhancements to DTN TABS® with the Planned Movements add-on. The new enhancements provide suppliers with greater visibility of transactions, eliminate manual reconciliations of bills of lading (BOLs) and ensure drivers are loading the correct product.

Enhanced Accuracy

The addition of Planned Movements to the DTN TABS solution improves workflow and the reconciliation process for suppliers. By leveraging existing allocations within DTN TABS, new enhancements improve accuracy at the rack by more effectively tracking BOLs with added order numbers. Customers send in their order and provide information to the driver.  The driver then enters the order number at the terminal and is only allowed to pick up what is included in the order.  This ensures the product is available and the driver picks up the correct product, easing the reconciliation process.

Reduced Costs

This new enhancement also reduces costly efforts associated with manual BOL reconciliation. Providing order numbers to drivers streamlines BOL reconciliation, saving customers time and money with increased visibility and accuracy to ensure the best possible transaction experience.

Plus, the new enhancements to DTN TABS provide one industry standard that allows the European market to streamline BOLs and make it more efficient for third-party terminals activity.

DTN is the premier downstream oil and gas automation provider, working continuously to develop new offerings that meet customer needs. Through tight-knit relationships with its customers, DTN is able solve their challenges and the Planned Movements enhancement is a direct result of customer feedback.