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Different Types of Commodity Prices

If you are looking into getting started with commodity trading, you may have noticed that commodity prices aren’t always as straightforward as you might think. This article will look at the two different types of commodity prices and what they can indicate about the market. Understanding these concepts will prove essential to getting started with commodity trading. 

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The Difference Between Bull & Bear Spreads in Commodities

Becoming proficient in measuring and managing financial risks in trading is essential for success in your investments. Learning different terms and market indications is also essential. Take a look at one of them here, bull and bear spreads: what they mean and indicate about the market.

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Why Does Diesel Fuel Cost More Than Gasoline?

Gasoline and diesel are two different, fundamentally incompatible hydrocarbon compounds with optional additives for various scenarios such as different climates and environmental laws. Therefore, fuel pricing is based on several contributing factors. 

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Nobody at the Wheel: A Look at the U.K. Trucker Shortage

This winter, the U.K. is facing significant energy supply constraints. Learn how its trucker shortage is driving further concerns and what other factors are fueling the problem.

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U.S. Winter Outlook Calls for Colder Conditions Overall

Across the United States, winter weather creates numerous operational challenges. Discover what to expect this season with a quick forecast overview, including highlights for aviation, transportation, and utilities.

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Is your sales and marketing aligned with your strategy?

A significant amount of time, money and resources are invested in developing a successful go-to-market plan – and for good reason. The GTM plan positions the company to be successful throughout the lifecycle of the product or service. Just as important is that a sound GTM plan can flex when the market, or external drivers, change. Having spent considerable time as a strategy consultant for several clients, I often see these three key issues inhibit a strong GTM plan in the agribusiness sector.

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How To Reduce Your Power Outage Restoration Time

Every utility knows that power outages are unavoidable. However, your restoration process can be streamlined and made more efficient. If you have the right tools and strategies in place, it can be your time to shine when the lights go out.

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What Role Does Data Analytics Play in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Oil and gas are two of the most critical fuel sources that power the world. However, data is an essential asset that enables that global energy. In any business, data-driven decisions and operational intelligence are becoming standard practices. Oil and gas companies are no different, but the fuel industry has a unique set of challenges.

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