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Three Keys to Gaining an Edge in Today’s Competitive Rack Market

Buying and selling in today’s fast-paced rack market is challenging, but it also holds many profitable opportunities. Learn three keys to gaining a competitive edge in this dynamic marketplace.

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Weather Analytics Play a Key Role in Ocean Sustainability

Improving sustainable and climate-resilient transport, including maritime transport, is a part of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, and a major topic at the 2022 United Nations Ocean Conference.

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Three Dynamics That Determine Your Fuel Market Opportunities

Knowing exactly when and where to move fuel inventory keeps the supply chain flowing; it’s also vital to improving your margins. Discover three dynamics to focus on when seeking market opportunities.

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How Programmatic Advertising Works and Why It’s Essential for Ag Marketing

Effective and efficient in reaching highly targeted audiences, programmatic advertising dominates the U.S. digital ad marketplace. Learn why it should be in every ag marketer’s toolbox.

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Decarbonization Through Optimization

Achieving decarbonization requires more than just a sense of environmental responsibility and good intentions. It also calls for clear short-term and long-term decarbonization strategies.

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How Variable Speed Routing Can Help You Save Money On Charter Party Claims

Shipping industry decision-makers of all stripes are continuously looking for ways to optimize business and innovate in these changing times. Charter party voyages are one way to do this.

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What is Agribusiness’ Role in Supply Chain Management?

When it comes to agriculture, the need for insightful innovation is increasingly critical. From sourcing to end customer distribution, agribusiness companies are helping to streamline the agricultural supply chain.

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Path To IMO 2050 And The Role Of Actionable Analytics

For the international shipping sector, the successful path to IMO 2050 will require the revolutionary implementation of new technologies, low-carbon fuels, and other vital measures. This article will consider what IMO 2050 is, some of the different measures shipping companies can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships, and how data/analytics can reduce GHG emissions fleet-wide for your company.

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