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How Gas Prices Affect Consumer Behavior

If you sell fuel, you know the importance of good pricing decisions. Good pricing decisions do more than protect your profit margins. It improves the buying loyalty of your current accounts and improves the chances that you will be introduced to new buyers. However, your fuel pricing strategy does not just take into account what competitors are doing when it comes to fuel pricing strategies; it also considers what consumer trends exist and how the market is reacting to any changes.

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Blog header Oil refinery in winter
Gasoline Prices Pulled Higher by Global Supply Concerns

Global gas and oil supply issues could make this winter more challenging. Explore the reasons behind the concerns and learn what you could expect this season in Brian Milne’s latest blog.

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Blog header Shipping Digitalization
Report Identifies the Top Drivers for Digitalization in the Shipping Industry

As the shipping industry navigates its digitalization journey, key drivers and challenges have emerged. From climate to decarbonization, explore the details uncovered in our informative new industry report.

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Wholesale Fuel Prices V. Pump Prices

The retail sector of fuel prices is obviously the most visible to the public – it’s displayed prominently along the street in giant neon numbers for everyone to see. There are even flyers and coupons delivered to advertise gas prices in some countries. But what about wholesale fuel? What is the difference between wholesale fuel and retail fuel?

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How IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings impact shipping

The international shipping industry has turned its focus to reducing the carbon emissions of cargo ships. In fact, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has plans to reduce them by as much as 70% by the year 2050 (with the 2008 levels as a baseline).

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What Is Meant by Upstream and Downstream Supply Chain?

The difference between upstream oil production and downstream refined fuels delivery is important. If your company is only concerned with downstream operations, do you need to understand the entire supply chain fully? Yes! You know that your processes do not exist in a vacuum. The actions in upstream oil and gas ripple throughout the industry and affect downstream refined fuel production.

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Blog header Oil pricing data
What is the Breakdown of the Price of a Barrel of Crude Oil?

When it comes to the average consumer, the market price of a barrel of crude oil is no more than a vague indication of rising or falling gas prices. But for those who are involved in the oil and gas industry, oil prices have great significance: they directly impact our bottom lines.

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From Complexity to Simplicity

Learn how fuel traders and buyers are leveraging APIs to create business efficiencies and increase revenue by reducing the friction within their internal processes and workflows.

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