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Blog header Gas pump price
Will The Carbon Tax Increase Fuel Prices?

Many governments worldwide have turned to a carbon tax in an effort to reduce emissions, with the US looking like the latest country to adopt one. This has led consumers and companies to wonder: will the carbon tax increase fuel prices?

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Blog header Computer with data over refinery
How Oil Companies Use Real-Time Business Intelligence To Maximize Profits

Successful companies push innovation through artificial intelligence, algorithms, and efficient data automation. Real-time business intelligence (BI) is key to maintaining an advantage in your company’s ever-changing market.

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Blog header Power grid
Grid Hardening: How To Protect Utilities In The Event Of An Emergency

Grid hardening has been a topic of discussion in the utility industry for many years. This nation’s electric grid has not been entirely upgraded in some time. Never before has the grid been more vulnerable to physical and cyber attacks.

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Blog header Fuel truck unloading gasoline
Factors to Consider When Evaluating Wholesale Fuel Prices

Purchasing fuel in the wholesale market is not an easy job. Successful fuel buyers must remain vigilant and ready to pounce on opportunities that present themselves. What exactly do fuel buyers need to consider when evaluating wholesale fuel prices?

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Blog header Oil Barrels over market
How Do Supply and Demand Affect the Oil Industry?

It can be complicated and confusing to keep up to date with trends in supply and demand in the petroleum products industry. Suppliers in the market make decisions and change prices throughout the day. Quick reactions and adaptability will empower your company’s pricing optimization strategy.

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Blog header Oil Barrels on market graph
What is Demand Destruction and Should We Be Worried?

Fears over potential demand destruction for refined fuels are not surprising at all. When reading headlines, it’s natural to be nervous about the short-term and long-term impacts on the energy market – but is demand destruction an actual concern?

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Blog header Wildfire
Risk Planning Index Strengthens One Utility’s Wildfire Impact Response

The increasing intensity and frequency of wildfires has government agencies, researchers, and enterprise weather companies, often in collaboration with utilities, investing in new technology and tools to help prevent and mitigate wildfire risks.

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Blog header digital ship with data
Three Competitive Advantages of Vessel Performance Monitoring

The shipping industry faces considerable environmental and regulatory pressures. Increasingly, companies are turning to vessel performance monitoring for support. Discover three competitive advantages of these platforms in our new blog.

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