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Robot and human hand touching AI
Refined Fuels Market Prime for Predictive AI Solution

A new AI solution identifies and predicts refined fuels market outcomes to reduce uncertainty and improve negotiations, pricing strategies, and better decisions.

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Oil Tanker in the ocean
Trans-Atlantic Gasoline Trade to Grow on Improved Fungibility

What’s the impact on the US as the EU increases the use of ethanol? And will that impact European imports?

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Businessman with Trader and Energy Overlay
A Trading Edge: Digital Fuel Data Accelerates Energy Market Insights

Relying on the same standard reports as everyone else won’t secure you an edge in the fuels market. Digital demand data can.

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Hurricane Blog header
The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Hot Water Fuels More Monsters

Due to the significant impacts, hurricane seasons are met with concern and uncertainty. Learn about the 2023 season and recent trends around intense storms.

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Businessman holding cargo ship data
Why Optimizing Vessel Performance Requires Operational Intelligence

Monitoring outputs in real time and adjusting accordingly is a competitive advantage for vessel performance. Discover why that requires Operational Intelligence.

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Corn with data and technology overlay
Ag Tech Talk Highlights Importance of Data Priority

Today’s producers have access to more data than previously imagined. Learn how to prioritize the right insights and which technology types can help drive data-informed decisions.

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Container ship at sea with data overlay
Maximizing Maritime Performance Analysis Through Optimal Speed Routing

The quest for optimal voyage planning and cost efficiency is a constant in maritime transportation. See how Optimal Speed Routing redefines voyage optimization.

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Analyst at laptop with shipping background
Combine the Power of Optimal Speed Routing and Weather Routing to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Learn how combining Optimal Speed Routing with real-time weather-influenced routing helps drive decisions that reduce fuel use and environmental impacts.

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Container ship in rough seas
Navigating Efficient Seas: The Art of Optimal Speed Routing

Optimal Speed Routing can reduce fuel consumption by 14.16% per voyage, according to an IMO study. Learn more about this artful approach to efficiency.

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Hand holding ball of light with data points
Embracing Digital Data: Operational Intelligence is Key to Greater Profits

In an industry traditionally slow to digitize data, learn how technology adopters in the refined fuels market are accelerating opportunities with Operational Intelligence.

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Fuel Truck
Three Keys to Unlocking Profitability in Today’s Downstream

There are three keys to unlocking greater profitability in today’s downstream refined fuels industry. Learn about them and their benefits.

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Businessman holding market graph
Solving the Equation of Increased Profits

Manual processes impede the speed of fuel transactions. Learn how you can reduce friction and accelerate your business.

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