Heat Safety Using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature


While it may seem like summer just started, football programs at all levels are kicking off their fall seasons over the next few weeks. This means that many practices and training camps will be occurring during the warmest time of the year in the U.S. – the first few weeks of August.

How Does the Temperature Affect Crime Rates?

Does the temperature affect the crime rate? Are more crimes committed when it is hot out and less when it is cold? Let’s look at what the data show. He is steaming mad. She let her temper flare. They are simmering with anger. The team’s frustration is boiling over. Our language matches heat with negative emotions

Forget Heat Index. Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Is Where It’s At.

One of the most common terms we hear during the summer when discussing the weather is Heat Index. While the Heat Index can give you an idea of how dangerous the heat can be, there is another lesser known variable that may give a complete description, known as the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature. The Heat