Travel Limitations Don’t Have to Impact Your Training Plans

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has been felt all over the world. Schools have closed, travel plans have been put on hold and businesses large and small are bracing themselves for the continued fall out.

With most governments advising people to stay home, it’s time to take advantage of the time you are spending there. Invest in your education and advance your knowledge of the markets. Though schools may be closed, online and on-demand training is accessible. Together, we can still work to grow and come out of this pandemic with deeper knowledge than we had before.

Why On-Demand Learning?

Most things we do today are vastly different than how they were done 10 years ago. Today, most people record shows and fast-forward through commercials or stream directly from online platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Music is played through our cell phones, rides are accepted from strangers we find on a secured app, and even exercise classes can take place in living rooms while looking at a screen.

With so much technology at our fingertips, why shouldn’t our education be treated the same way? On-demand learning offers myriad benefits such as cost-effectiveness, increased course retention and a better bottom line for businesses.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the biggest benefits most people think of when it comes to e-learning is cost-effectiveness. An obvious area of savings is the elimination of travel expenses. But did you know that online learning can help grow a business’ bottom line?  A report by Ambient Insight notes that 42% of companies say that online earning has led to an increase in revenue. This is supported by a 2013 IBM study, which found that every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity. If fact, after switching to online training, IBM saved around $200M (The Value of Training, IBM).

Online learning also maximizes employee time. Employees can learn at their own pace, which is often more quickly than in live, classroom-based courses. Not only do employees learn quicker, they also retain more. Online earning increases retention by 25-67% (American Heart Association). And notably, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles (

Recent studies also point to one important fact – online courses are the future, especially for a workforce that will be 75% comprised by millennials by 2025. These employees are searching for opportunities that offer non-traditional benefits, such as on-demand training, that can enhance their personal and professional development. So why not get started today and be well equipped for the changes the future will bring us?

Types of On-Demand Learning

The DTN institute provides educational solutions for people of all professions. Through all the craziness, we continue to empower consumers by offering courses related to agriculture, weather, financial analytics, and transportation markets. You and your team can build your knowledge base without sacrificing company time or money but enhancing both. If our customers grow and prosper, we all win. Check out the list of available courses here or find out more about how to customize training for you and your staff.