Weather Stations

Hyper-Local Weather Insights for your Utility

Weather Stations give you access to instant weather data and forecasts for your exact location, so you can prepare and respond to weather events, and make the best possible decisions to keep your service territory, employees and infrastructure safe.


Fill the gaps with localized weather data.

Weather Stations allow energy professionals to fill in the gaps for locations not currently served by a local weather station. Real-time weather data is captured and fed into WeatherSentry creating a view of current conditions and forecasts for the additional locations. This data can also be provided via web services for integration into other custom Utility applications.

  • Delivers full hyper-local forecasts by measuring air temperature, humidity, and pressure along with Doppler radar, pyranometer, and wind sensor technology.
  • Affordable, high-quality weather stations that exceed the quality of consumer stations.
  • Cloud-based data management and industry-leading forecasts, combined with WeatherSentry.
  • Web Services provides an easy way to get the local observation data and forecasts driven by that data.


Localized information for better decisions

See exactly where you need to make proactive maintenance and staffing decisions. And after the storm moves through, make localized decisions to keep your equipment and employees safe, and your operations running smoothly.

  • DTN backed accuracy combined with your local real-time weather data.
  • Easy integration into the WeatherSentry platform.
  • Flexibility using standard industrial interfaces.

Weather Stations integrate flawlessly with WeatherSentry to create a total solution for all your storm preparation and response needs. Each station is strategically placed around your service territory for optimum readings to provide you with hyper-local, real-time weather information.

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