Why Agricultural Market News Matters

Watching, reading or listening to the news is a regular and vital part of each day for millions of people, and with good reason. For example, keeping up-to-date on the weather or traffic report can help people plan out their day more efficiently, leading to fewer hassles and stress during the day’s activities. In addition, Ag market news plays an essential role for agribusinesses and producers who need to stay current on market trends which can affect their operational choices. 

True, each farmer is different and faces a unique set of circumstances. So, when working with each type of farmer, marketing strategies will take various shapes.

DTN proprietary data has helped define a variety of buyer personas, such as being numbers-focused, an Ag-tech leader, frugal, or sustainable. On the surface, each of these types of buyer personas is different, with its own set of needs. However, what remains the same is that each of these producers needs access to accurate, current news and data.

But keeping up with the latest ag market news is no easy feat for busy producers that already have many details to oversee in their daily business operations. With so many headlines shouting for attention, it can be overwhelming to keep up to date even on the most relevant information, let alone find the time for detailed analysis. 

If you feel that way, your clients are sure to feel that way too. Therefore, as an agribusiness, it is crucial to have a proven method of better understanding your clients: What information is the most helpful for my target market producers and farmers? What are they looking for, and how can I meet their needs?


What information do my producers need? 

As you know, producers rely on accurate, timely market news and data to efficiently run their businesses. DTN understands that when serving your customers, it is essential for you to provide key information that they need to access, which includes local, detailed weather forecasts, up-to-date market quotes, and changing world events and policies.

Soybean field with storm clouds

Weather forecasts

With each passing year, more frequent and dramatic weather events such as drought, heatwaves, and unusually severe storms have significantly impacted the agricultural industry. When dealing with extreme weather, producers understand the importance of having access to accurate weather forecasts. This reliable information helps them prepare to protect their crops, improve yields, and optimize their market offerings. 

Of particular importance is localized weather data. Real-time sun and soil reports and location-specific weather prediction services provide producers and farmers with information that is relevant to the needs of their specific operations. This data can help producers more efficiently use resources and reduce operating expenses. 

The weather is also a significant factor in agricultural market prices. While local weather can affect crop yields, severe weather in other parts of the world can have an impact on commodity prices as well. When equipped with the necessary information, a producer does not need to be caught by surprise in the event of sudden market changes.

Corn market chart

Market news

Keeping up-to-date with the market is no easy task. At times, it can seem like too much for a producer to manage their bids and quotes in addition to their fundamental tasks in their own operations. 

Even considering national conditions can be challenging, not to mention international market activity. However, staying connected to ag market news and trends is essential for those wanting to stay connected to the modern agricultural world. 

Producers need access to bids and quotes relevant to their specific operations, such as futures or options. In addition, detailed and timely market news provides needed insight into the supply and demand in other countries, giving an indication of local trends which are likely to affect their business.


World events and policies

World events and policies can often affect agricultural growers and the markets that rely on their products. Geopolitical tensions, in particular, can be volatile and unpredictable, leaving the market in limbo. Therefore, being able to keep tabs on world news that has an impact on the agriculture industry is important. And it provides insight into global agronomic ramifications, that can prove invaluable in protecting your customers’ bottom line. 

The uncertainties and constant changes that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic give an excellent example of how world events can wreak havoc on the market. By staying apprised of the most current market news regarding recent conflict and tensions in Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, China, and other relevant areas, agribusinesses gain valuable perspective on potential market movement, allowing them to be prepared and protected against potential issues.

Farmer on laptop

Transform your online presence and provide relevant ag market news with DTN Content Services

The producers your company serves need real-time market information and detailed local weather forecasts to protect their bottom line. Agribusinesses need an attractive, customizable, and easy way to get that information to them. That’s where DTN Content Services comes in to help. 

Some of the features include:

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Additionally, as part of our commitment to innovation, we at DTN are continually improving the services we offer and the widgets available as part of DTN Content Services to help you provide your clients with the best service available.

At DTN, we know the importance of reliable information. It is the foundation for operational intelligence – the data and insights that the entire agriculture needs to be able to make confident decisions. DTN Content Services is there to provide you with verified, accurate information to transform you into a trusted voice within the industry.

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