Urban C. Lehner, Vice President, Editorial.  Urban leads the DTN/PF newsroom in award-winning coverage of the agriculture industry.  Urban writes the Editor’s Notebook blog and also writes Letter from the Editor, a column appearing every Friday on DTNPF.com.  You can follow Urban on Twitter at:


Darin Newsom, DTN Senior Analyst.  Darin explains how the structure of the market and price relationships indicate which market strategies are appropriate and when.  Darin is a frequent contributor to CNBC, CNN and The Wall Street Journal. Follow Darin at:


Marcia Zarley Taylor, DTN Executive Editor.  In DTNPF.com stories and her Minding Ag's Business Blog, Marcia concentrates on business topics such as land, taxes, inputs, farm programs, machinery economics, law and finance.  You can follow Marcia at:


Cheri Zagurski, Managing Editor, has been with the DTN newsroom since 1986. She Tweets about articles by various DTN reporters and editors, as well as U.S., world and business news topics and even delves into pop culture now and then. You can follow Cheri on Twitter at:


Elaine Shein, DTN Associate Managing Editor. Elaine hosts the daily Reporter's Notebook video, and is responsible for editing DTN's feature articles and series. Elaine Tweets on DTN stories and videos, but also on other ag news and journalism topics. Follow Elaine at:


Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Policy Editor.  Chris writes the DTN Ag Policy Blog  and stories on DTNPF.com that provide detailed analysis on legislative issues affecting producers, including news from Washington, D.C. He also covers some of the ag industry's national meetings. Follow Chris at:


Greg Horstmeier, Editor-in-chief of DTN.  Greg oversees the production coverage for DTN, and provides insight into the latest machinery, seed and chemical news and technology. During the crop season, he's often on the road and  reports from the field. Follow Greg at:


Daniel Davidson, DTN Staff Agronomist. Daniel is an agronomist for more than 25 years and also farms so he can test the newest technology himself. He offers advice to farmers—and often asks for theirs—in his DTN Production Blog and stories on DTNPF.com. Follow Daniel at:


Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter. In DTNPF.com stories and his DTN Ethanol Blog, Todd focuses on the ethanol industry. He Tweets on the latest developments that affect ethanol and other biofuels. Follow Todd at:


Bryce Anderson, DTN Ag Meteorologist. Bryce provides in-depth, focused commentary on weather developments affecting agriculture each day. He writes the DTN Ag Weather Forum at DTNPF.com, provides forecast commentary on regional and national farm broadcast programs, and hosts the DTN Before the Bell Market Weather Outlook and the DTN Closing Market Comment videos. Follow Bryce at:


Katie Micik, DTN Wire Editor. Katie keeps a close eye on the wires, as well as writes stories for DTNPF.com. Katie tweets about highlights from DTN staff blogs as well as the latest DTN staff and wire stories. You can follow Katie on Twitter at:


Kim Adrian, has worked for DTN since 1992. She builds maps and charts that accompany and lend valuable perspective to ag reports. In addition, she provides statistical and graphics support to the senior analyst. Kim also is in charge of our U.S. and World News segment.

Kim was born in England, but has lived in the United States since approximately the age of 10. You can follow Kim on Twitter at:


Russ Quinn, DTN editor and reporter. He was born and raised in east central Nebraska on a cow-calf and row-crop farm near Elkhorn, which he still operates with his dad.

Russ attended Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and graduated with an associate's degree in agribusiness and farm management in 1994. He then attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences in 1996.

After graduating, he began working for DTN in May of 1997 in the agriculture telesales department. In May of 1998 he was promoted to his current position in the DTN ag newsroom. Over the years, Russ has had many different editing and reporting duties and currently writes original articles including the growing-season series "View From the Cab" and the weekly column "Russ' Vintage Iron." You can follow Russ on Twitter at: