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Data Integration Import or Export and Premium Services

DTN ProphetX is more than just an analytic powerhouse. It is a complete market data solution from the desktop to the back office. Our unique architecture empowers you to select from the widest array of data and content, while DTN ProphetX aggregates, manages, and distributes your mission critical information to your traders, risk management system, internal pricing models, or to accounting or other back office processes – all at a fraction of the cost of other proprietary market data business technologies.

Premium Services: for additional news, weather, and fundamental data or more powerful features, take a look at the myriad of premium services available for DTN ProphetX.

Import Options: get your proprietary data into the DTN ProphetX server or client analytical application.

Export Options: for backend systems, spreadsheets, or other applications requiring access to the data provided within DTN ProphetX, take a look at the various options available to you through our export, database, and API tools.

Export Options

DTN ProphetX®

Description Link real-time quote data, historical data, and fixed-news stories to applications that support DDE.
Features Easy to use "copy and paste link" interface, standard with DTN ProphetX functionality.
How is it Used A trader has a spreadsheet that requires live exchange prices to update his/her real-time pricing models.

DTN Excel Add-in

Description Allows exporting of historical pricing information from the DTN QuoteServer directly into Excel® spreadsheets.
Features Supports a direct connection to the DTN QuoteServer without using the DTN ProphetX interface.
How is it Used An analyst, who is not currently a DTN ProphetX user, needs various historical datasets for use in pricing models on an ad hoc basis.

DTN ProphetX Web Services

Description Allows access to snapshots of quotes, historical data, scrolling news stories, and fixed format pages.
Features Supports platform-independent programmatic importing of the data. The API supports HTTP and SOAP accessibility. All data is returned via XML, CSV, JSON, and HTML documents. This high-throughput API also has built in redundancy. This option also supports quote-metered exchange fees, for using snapshot data on company websites, for example.
How is it Used A company requires pricing data for their in-house applications and intranet sites.

Import Options

Published/Proprietary Data Feed

Description Allows importing/publishing of intra-day quotes, historical pricing, scrolling news stories, and fixed format pages.
Features Supports imports via text files or automatic extraction directly from SQL databases. Permissions support is included.
How is it Used A company has pricing data regarding deals made through the day and would like to automatically make this data available to all of their DTN ProphetX users.

Premium Services

To enhance your use of DTN ProphetX, you can choose to add data feeds from any of these providers. For more information about premium services, packages, and pricing, please call DTN sales at 1-800-652-2213.

DTN ProphetX Cash Markets Edition – improve strategic financial, hedging, trading, and operational decisions with our unique, powerful cash markets supply insight, exclusive geospatial mapping, and deep market coverage. Download brochure

CropProphet – the new crop information system from DTN and Prescient Weather. With CropProphet, DTN ProphetX users have a powerful, unprecedented source of insight into the evolving prospects for the yield and production of U.S. corn and soybeans, throughout the growing season. Download brochure

Options analytics – use our powerful analytics to drive profitable trades. This advanced analysis includes options strategies to calculate your P&L or Greeks on multi-leg positions, and perform "what-if" analysis to determine your best trading strategy under different conditions.

Dow Jones Newswires – offers vital business and financial news and information in real-time to more than 300,000 subscribers around the world. The newswires draw on their own staff of over 700 business and financial journalists, the more than 600 reporters and editors at The Wall Street Journal, and more than 2,000 Associated Press journalists worldwide. 

What's New

DTN Excel Add-in

Extends DTN's market-leading DDE linking to a new level by allowing you to create Excel spreadsheets live market data directly from tool bars and widgets within Excel®.

Options Strategy Analysis

Augments the very popular options displays and tools currently available in DTN ProphetX, including the three display types (ATM, Series, & Strike views) and the single click access to charts of the Greek and Implied Volatilities.

Excel Add-In
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