West of Scotland Consortium extends contract with DTN as weather partner

Council relies on the company’s weather expertise for critical transportation decisions.

The West of Scotland Consortium recently extended their contract with DTN , a leading data, analytics and technology company, as their weather provider for transportation safety. The council relies upon RoadMaster, a DTN solution, to make critical decisions about weather related maintenance and management, particularly in adverse weather situations. Representing the southwest region of Scotland, the 13-member council elected to extend the contract for the maximum period of two years.

“In the current contract for the past three years we have worked with DTN to make critical road maintenance decisions. We are very pleased with the accuracy and reliability of their forecasts, as well their availability to provide additional insights in challenging weather conditions,” said Adam Leslie, winter, fleet and business development team leader at the South Lanarkshire Council. “It was a high vote of confidence from the council to extend the contract for the maximum time.”

RoadMaster provides both domain and route-based forecast that provides location-specific information along a gritting route and for each route in total. A hyperlocal forecast can help winter road maintenance managers make critical decisions on where, when, and how to grit across one or more road sections. DTN meteorologists with extensive road-specific experience also offer alerting and consultations to provide deeper insights when needed. This is especially critical as road management, especially during winter, is a challenging balance of risk between traffic safety and operational efficiency. Often, the weather conditions don’t provide an obvious answer on when or how to treat roads and the expertise that DTN delivers assists with providing that answer.

“At DTN we recognize how weather can impact transportation safety, operations and traffic flow and are committed to delivering the best operational intelligence to our customers so they can make confident decisions that reduce risk, increase safety and protect their communities,” said Renny Vandewege, DTN vice president of weather operations. “Through our continued partnership with the West of Scotland Consortium, we can proudly help road users and commerce moving safely throughout the region.”

“As variable as our winters tend to be, our extended partnership with DTN and the use of RoadMaster will ensure that we have the right information when we need it to make confident decisions about road safety and operational efficiency,” noted Leslie.