World Energy Commodities Trading

Learn the fundamentals of how crude oil, refined products and natural gas are traded both in the physical (cash) market and the financial (paper/futures) market.

DTN TABS User Training

Fuel your knowledge of DTN TABS©. This training is for users, from new to advanced, of DTN TABS.

NGL Derivatives

Develop a solid foundation in NGL trading as you examine all of the instruments, tools and techniques available to the NGL trader today.

Successful Petroleum Marketer

Understand what it takes to be a successful petroleum marketer, from the basics of the oil business from a petroleum marketer’s perspective to the most sophisticated tools and techniques to manage your price and margin risk.

Power & Natural Gas Trading

Our leading industry expert will provide comprehensive hands-on instruction, lecture and real-life examples that bring to life the power and gas markets. This course provides basic to mid-level participants with comprehensive training on power and gas trading.

The Weather & Natural Gas Connection

Don’t miss this unique course from DTN’s weather and energy market experts! Get a top-to-bottom, fundamental education in the natural gas industry and the impact weather has on natural gas supply, demand and pricing throughout the various weather seasons.

Upstream Production for Oil and Gas

This introduction to the upstream sector of the petroleum industry introduces you to principles, definitions, and concepts regarding how production drilling and reservoir engineering activities bring oil and gas to the surface. Learn about risks, technologies, investment decisions and operations in one of the world’s most important industries.

With more than 4.5 hours of online, recorded instruction, you get the same in-depth learning experience that DTN in-person classes are known for. Plus you can access your course anytime, anywhere.

Upstream Exploration for Oil and Gas

Learn fundamental petroleum geology and exploration principles which provide a solid foundation for understanding drilling, reservoir development, and production concepts. With more than 5 hours of online, recorded instruction, you get the same in-depth, top-notch learning experience that DTN in-person classes are known for. Plus you have the advantage of accessing your course anytime, anywhere.

North American Natural Gas Fundamentals

Get a thorough understanding of the entire natural gas industry, from well head to burner tip. You’ll learn the mechanics and nuances of exploration and production, the pipeline transportation infrastructure and storage as well as the buying, selling and marketing of natural gas.

Introduction to Petroleum Hedging on Demand

This course will simplify and remove the mystery surrounding petroleum hedging. You’ll get a practical understanding of petroleum hedging and price risk management and how it can benefit your company.